Passive building

An important point to make would be that 'low cost' wasn't the main keyword in building and designing The Field Lab, which would have tilted the balance away from responsibility towards nature. The goal was to radically decrease our ecological footprint and in order to obtain that, we set out to define 5 categories in which we would solve problems in such a way as to break with the destructive nonchalance our society has bathed itself in.

1. Waste produced by the building when in service
2. Management of the water consumed and discharged
3. The quantity of energy required for the building and energy generation
4. CO2 data for the construction of the building and the materials used in particular
5. mobility for our activities

Responsable choices

The Field Lab is a pioneer of selective sorting and has boosted its initiatives in this field by creating paper-only bins for each office area, by centralising plastic, metal and cardboard waste and unsorted waste and by opting for 3 half-buried containers with a capacity of 5000 l which are used to hold all types of waste. The Field Lab has attempted to find the most environmentally-friendly solution for many products, as vehicle washing or office cleaning products.